"Kornai Goes to Kenya" with Peter Leeson and Colin Harris. Pubic Choice. January 2020.

Working Papers

"How Did Absentee Voting Affect the 2020 U.S. Election?" with Jesse Yoder, Cassandra Handan-Nader, Daniel M. Thompson, Jennifer Wu, Chenoa Yorgason, and Andrew B. Hall.

"Are Dead People Voting By Mail? Evidence From Washington State Administrative Records" with Jennifer Wu, Chenoa Yorgason, Hannz Folsz, Cassandra Handan-Nader, Tobias Nowacki, Daniel M. Thompson, Jesse Yoder, and Andrew B.Hall.

"The Binding Force of Economics" with Colin Harris, Chrisitenne Briol, and Sam Carlen.

"Markets and Morality" with Colin Harris and Adam Kaiser.